Erin_Bush   ERIN BUSH
Online Marketing & Social Media Manager, CustomInk
SESSION TOPIC: Positioning Social Media In a Rapidly Growing Company

Erin Bush leads the online marketing and social media efforts for CustomInk, the leader in custom t-shirts for groups and special occasions. She started her career in 1999 during the first Internet bubble and was responsible for developing web content and wiring her own cubicle. She now combines her keen eye for editorial with online community management, social media strategies, and digital marketing best practices to create significant value for large and small brands. Before CustomInk, she worked on a variety of web properties including: Neustar,, Wiredscholar, Deltek’s, DigitalCity, AIM, AOL Expressions, and AOL Community. In addition to her professional expertise, Erin’s vast skill set includes (but is not limited to) discussing sensational murder trials from the nineteenth century, cataloguing the highlights of local pirate festivals, photographing her menagerie of animals, and creating hilarious t-shirt tag lines. Erin earned her journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently pursuing her PhD in history and new media at George Mason University.